Ibn Hisham al-Ansari (d. 708/1309 – 761/1360) was an Egyptian grammarian whose renown spread over the Muslim world even during his lifetime. Qatr al-Nada is the first in the progressive sequence of his four most famous books in Arabic grammar; it is followed by Shudhur al-DhahabAwdah al-Masalik and Mughni al-Labib respectively. The Qatr, considered an intermediate level text, provides more detail than the Ajurrumiyya and also discusses issues that do not appear in the latter. In this series of 40 lessons (breakdown of topics given below), in this course the entire matn is readthe contents are discussed, and some of the shawahid (proof-texts, usually lines of poetry can be memorized to illustrate grammatical usage. Ibn

Hisham's commentary on the Qatr may be useful to have as a reference, but we will not be reading it in full in the course. Each lesson is projected to be one hour long.






1 Introduction Definitions of nahw and kalima Signs of the ism

2 Mu`rab and mabni nouns qabl and ba`d

3 Madi and amr verbs Ism al-fi`l

4 Mudari` verbs in mabni state

5 Harf Singular nouns Broken plurals The Six Nouns

6 Duals and sound masculine plurals

7 Sound feminine plurals The Five Verbs Implicit i`rab

8 Signs of i`rab, Nasb of the mudari`

9 Suppression of an

10 Jazm

11 Definiteness and indefiniteness

12 Proper nouns

13 Demonstratives and relative pronouns

14 Definiteness with definite article and idafa

15 Nominal sentence

16 Nominal sentence (continued)

17 Kana and sisters

18 Sisters of laysa Inna and sisters

19 Inna and sisters (continued) Categorical negation

20 Categorical negation (continued) Zanna and sisters

21 Fa`il

22 Fa`il (continued) Na'ib al-Fa`il

23 Ishtighal

24 Tanazu`

25 Maf`ul bihi Vocative (munada)

26 Vocative (munada) (continued)

27 Vocative (munada) (continued) Maf`ul Mutlaq

28 Maf`ul lahu Maf`ul fihi Maf`ul ma`ahu

29 Hal

30 Tamyiz

31 Mustathna

32 Jarr

33 Nouns with Verbal Force

34 Nouns with Verbal Force (continued)

35 Nouns with Verbal Force (continued)

36 The Followers (Tawabi`) Adjectives

37 Emphasis (Tawkid)

38 `Atf Badal

39 Numbers Diptotes (mamnu` min al-sarf)

40 Amazement (ta`ajjub) Stops Hamzat al-Wasl