We help unlock your potential to understand the Quran

We provide weekly Quranic Arabic courses throughout multiple cities across the US, local & online. We hire and train top-notch instructors to continue the Prophetic legacy of teaching in our communities. We offer special seminars, retreats, and lectures to inspire the community to deepen their love for the Quran and the Prophetic traditions.


We envision developing American Muslims that are deeply committed to the Islamic tradition and use it as a spiritual, intellectual and ethical framework in their contributions to their families, communities and society.


Our mission is to provide accessible Quranic Arabic education to all, and by doing so, developing and mobilizing the movement for preservation of the meaning of the Quran in our lives.


We believe the American Muslim Community must produce dynamic individuals, rooted in the heart of the Islam – the Quran and the Prophetic tradition – while embracing, engaging and contributing to American society in meaningful ways. They must be literate in the Islamic intellectual tradition while respecting different points of view and have the ability to analyze the Islamic tradition in a critical fashion while retaining a respect for historical scholarship. They must have the ability to translate their beliefs in a manner relevant and appropriate to the Western context. These individuals should be able to engage the primary sources of Islamic knowledge directly rather than relying on the translations and interpretations of an elite few.

Our founder, Saif Omar, shares what inspired him to establish Fawakih and challenges us to act on our moments of inspiration.