Flexible Monthly Options

The Fawakih Team is dedicated to making your journey as convenient as possible. We now have monthly payment plans to reduce the hassle and inconvenience of paying multiple times or large amounts at once. The more levels you commit to, the easier it is for us to plan and deliver the best quality instruction while also giving time to prepare.

ONE-Level Plan
(2 semesters)

$100 x 12 months

Two-Level Plan
(4 semesters)

$150 x 12 months

THREE-Level Plan
(6 semesters)

$200 x 12 months

FOUR-Level Plan
(8 semesters)

$250 x 12 months


Students signing up for multiple levels have the ultimate flexibility with joining various Fawakih courses.

1. MISS A CLASS: They can join classes in person OR online. In fact if they are in person and they miss a class, they can join one of the live online classes that week or watch a recording.

2. MOVING LOCATIONS: If a student moves, they can join another Fawakih course in their new location, continue the classes online, or join a winter or summer program in Virginia.

3. TIME OFF: If a student must take time off (common reasons may be due to work/school load, marriage, travel, illness, or family reason), they can continue with full remaining credit when they return. While they are not taking regular classes, they have access to Fawakih testing system, student portal and academics@fawakih.com to assist them with questions they may have on content as they review and prepare. The Fawakih team can also mail the student materials for future levels, for them to become familiar and study independently while taking time off!

4. PACE: Fawakih teaches year round and has different paces to meet your needs. Students can take their time and go at a 1 level/ year pace. On the other hand, can choose to take winter and summer sessions, or perhaps even 2 semesters at once (2x a week classes) to complete up to 4 levels/year!