We believe in the effectiveness of our program 100%, having taught it for 10 years to a 1,000 students. If your comprehension of Quran does not increase by atleast 10% by the end of this year, you can drop the course with a 100% money back!


  1. Only applicable to students receiving the money-back guarantee special offer when signing up

  2. Student completed the minimum course requirements to date: A) attended / watched recording of all 12 classes, B) completed all 12 quizzes and final exam, and C) utilized the memrise app to learn at least 100 of the course’s vocabularly D) Joined the course whatsapp group E) Attended the semester review session

  3. Formal email request sent for a refund to info@fawakih.com by Jan 15th, 2020, stating that all course requirements were completed but 10% improvement was not felt.

  4. You can keep all course materials.

  5. Refund will be processed latest within 4-6 weeks.