Gives us the immediate cash boost needed for instructor salaries, curriculum development, and programs. Fawakih's Student Fund is used exclusively to support students who enroll in Fawakih courses.


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Gives us regular and predictable revenue to enable us to commit to long term initiatives. Enables us to make more scholarships for students available on a consistent basis.

Why Support Fawakih?

By supporting Fawakih, you are supporting accessible, affordable and meaningful Arabic & Islamic studies in America.  This allows Muslims of all different backgrounds and classes to gain a deeper understanding of their religion and develop the tools and skills to become future leaders in their communities.  Additionally, by hosting domestic programs Fawakih is contributing towards the organic growth of an American Islam that has its roots in our tradition yet is relevant and effective.

About Fawakih

Fawakih is a 501.c3 tax-exempt non-profit institution. We are a group of dedicated professionals and volunteers committed to the growth and success of the Muslim community in America. We believe our growth and success will come through education. This education needs to be authentic and purposeful, aimed at providing the tools (Arabic) for individuals to access our original sources (the Qur’an and Hadith) and taught in a Western context. This allows the knowledge gained to be both relevant and transformative.