THE CURRICULUM -  Developing a relationship

The goal of our curriculum is to empower students with the skills to access the Quran in its pure, original language, thereby growing spiritually and intellectually. To that end, Fawakih has developed a 6-level curriculum road map for your Quranic Arabic journey. Each level is split into two semesters (e.g. Level 1A and 1B). 

This is achieved by:

  • Developing a strong foundation in the theory of Arabic grammar, morphology and rhetoric.
  • Applying theory primarily through reading texts in classical Arabic, including the Quran.
  • Equipping students with a broad vocabulary of words found in the Quran and Islamic disciplines.


This road map will give you a general overview of the difference between levels taught at Fawakih. For a more detailed breakdown of the objectives taught and teaching philosophy, see our Course Descriptions Document.

I definitely recommend Fawakih for anyone wanting to learn Quranic Arabic, whether you have an Arabic background or you’re new to the language. It will challenge you, and if you apply yourself, you will begin to understand the Quran and the Arabic language in general, in a beautiful new way.
— Bassam, Chicago