In just a few short months I noticed a difference in my reading and understanding of the Quran.
— Ibi, Washington DC Student

We understand the need to explore the Quran and its language in an affordable, structured, and comprehensive way. We pride ourselves in being competitively priced and one of the leaders of delivering Quranic Arabic education in the US. 

One level of the curriculum costs $1080 ($90/mo x 12 mo), which is completed over two academic semesters.


what does a fawakih course cost?


Classes are administered utilizing an online software, which can be accessed from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. All you need is a headset with a microphone. The class is live and interactive. Students can ask the instructor questions through speaking or live chat.

when will i understand the quran?

From as early as day 1 of class, students interact with he Quran. By the end of level 1, students have learned 240 of the most common Quranic vocabulary and essential grammar tools. Student feedback has shown they are able to comprehend approximately 10% of the Quran by the end of level 1 and know how to use a dictionary to unlock another 10%. By the end of Level 2, students start to analyze the Quran directly. As a student once said, "the words start to jump out of the page." Students who are consistent in their efforts will see a marked difference in their understanding of the Quran.


Our weekly classes are two and a half hours long (with breaks between subjects). Outside of class time, it is recommended that students spend 20-30 minutes reviewing material each day. This could be reviewing vocabulary words on our Memrise Flashcard App, doing practice exercises, or taking a short quiz to test your knowledge of the concepts.


As a 501c3, Fawakih's mission is to provide everyone with access to top-notch Quranic Arabic courses, regardless of an individual's finances. In that regard, Fawakih has established a student scholarship fund for students who are in need and request such assistance. Any student who would like tuition assistance must fill out our Tuition Assistance Application.