Our curriculum empowers students with the skills to access the Quran in its original language, thereby growing spiritually and intellectually.

In Level 1B, we focus on three main areas:

Listening: Tune your ears to comprehend Quranic recitation and common dua!

Quran Analysis: Bring short surahs to life by analyzing the language!

Text Analysis: Expand vocabulary and fluency through the story of Ibrahim!


  • The only comprehensive 6-level Quranic Arabic curriculum (see below) taught in English

  • Integrated system, including 500 online self-graded tests, workbooks, and a vocabulary app

  • Taught in over 10 states in 100 courses to over 1000 students

  • Developed over a decade by Quranic Arabic experts and scholars from leading universities

  • Produced many Quranic Arabic instructors and sought after by US seminaries and colleges

Academic Coach

Fawakih's Academic Coach helps students falling behind or needing to make up work. These expert coaches are responsive while instructors teach, giving you the support needed to overcome learning obstacles.