Student Quizzes

After watching a lesson, students are required to take a short quiz to test their understanding of the concepts discussed in class. Click the appropriate link (more instructions are given in the quiz itself). When you finish taking the quiz, you will see your quiz results (a copy will be emailed to you).

A quiz must be completed before the start of the next lesson. For example, Lesson 1 Quiz must be completed before watching Lesson 2.


Lesson 1: Types of Words | Detached Pronouns | al-Fātiḥa

Lesson 2: Definite & Indefinite | Past Tense - 3rd | Ṣalawāt al-Ibrāhimiyya

Lesson 3: Gender | Past Tense - 2nd | al-Nās

Lesson 4: Singular, Dual, Plural | Past Tense Review | al-Adhān

Lesson 5: Adjective Phrase | Present Tense - 3rd | Entering & Leaving Mosque

Lesson 6: Nominal Sentence | Present Tense - 2nd | al-Tashahhud

Lesson 7: Pointing Nouns | Present Tense Review

Lesson 8: Iḍāfa | Attached Pronouns | Wuḍū'

Lesson 9: Prepositions | Command Verb

Lesson 10: Verbal Sentence | Review of Verbs

Lesson 11: Noun Endings | Morphological Pattern

Lesson 12: Applying Your Knowledge | Doer and Receiver Pattern

Final Exam Link