I am really glad that I started the Quranic Arabic class that tremendously helped me to start to understand the Quran immediately. I am not exaggerating at all, as after taking a few classes, I started to decipher meanings of the Quranic verses and surahs. The program is very formal and very well structured and included an amazing, easy to understand binder, which combines several resources. I love the customized phone app, Memrise, which reminds me to practice vocabulary daily. I also love the fact that Fawakih did not over promise and set the right expectations for the class. Fawakih promised to have about 20% of Quran understood after one year, as long as we are willing to do our part.



A lot of are us working professionals and some also have kids. What really helped me out was when Fawakih started offering online classes. I could listen to the recordings in case I missed class. I think Fawakih has one of the best curriculum for Arabic learning.


Rizwan K.

Having taken Arabic elsewhere in the past, I like how the program is laid out with the separate disciplines having their own dedicated time. The Quranic and Hadith examples are also great. Overall, I enjoyed being back in a formal learning environment and look forward to continuing classes next term.