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— Henry David Thoreau

Application deadline: AUGUST 29, 2019


Fawakih empowers students with the skills to access the Quran in its original language.

Full scholarships are available to study Beginner and Intermediate Quranic Arabic online with Fawakih. Strong recipients demonstrate intent to utilize classical and Quranic Arabic to further their professional or academic goals.


  • Prepared for up to 5 hrs of
    weekly study

  • Meet criteria for 1 of 4 scholarship categories

  • Financial need considered


  • Tuition for a Fawakih level
    (valued at $1300)

  • Additional funding for Arabic-related research and coursework on campus available

Scholarship Categories



Active chaplains at prisons, universities, hospitals, military or chaplains in training.



Teaching faculty at higher educational institutions (includes adjunct & lecturers).



Current students who have completed minimum 1 year of college Arabic.



Candidates working towards a graduate degree in religion or related fields.

Scholarship Application - 2019-2020

Application steps includes:

  1. Submitting form below

  2. Taking Placement Test

  3. Emailing resume to

Name *
Address *
Phone *
Indicate which scholarship you are applying for.
What attempts have you made to study Arabic previously? Were you successful? If so, expound upon what you accomplished. If not, explain any barriers that you faced.
Availability *
What semesters are you available for to study Arabic online (up to 5 hrs/week)? (Select all that apply)
Enter this information for yourself. If a dependent, indicate annual income of whoever claims you. Applicant may be asked for proof of income.
List any employer that you currently work for. If you are in school, indicate the school, year and course of study. If you are not employed, please indicate.
Professionally, how will learning Classical/Quranic Arabic play a role in furthering your professional or academic goals? (E.g. Interested in teaching Arabic? Doing research on Islam?) If knowledge of Arabic is required for your degree or work, please indicate.
Please list three references (Full Name, Phone #, Email) who can speak to your work ethic, education, and community involvement (if applicable). At least one must be a campus affiliate. If you need extra time, email them to after submitting this form.
By signing your name below, you agree to uphold Fawakih's policies if selected, and that all information presented above is up to date and accurate.



Applicants are not required to have a specific level of Arabic proficiency, though ability to read Arabic (e.g. Quran suffices) and knowledge of the alphabet is required. Scholarship recipients will be placed in optimal levels after taking placement test(s).


Fawakih may request additional information from the applicant, including supporting documents and personal information needed for a background check, which Fawakih holds the right to run.


Scholarship funds are primarily allocated towards Fawakih tuition. Additional funding can also be requested for Arabic-related research, programming, and coursework on campus.


Materials cost are not included in the scholarship. Recipients are required to purchase their materials (approximately $75 + shipping).