The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.
— Henry David Thoreau

Application deadline: July 9th


Fawakih empowers students with the skills to access the Quran in its original language, thereby growing spiritually and intellectually.

Full scholarships are available to those who will use Quranic Arabic education for the betterment of society across sectors. Whether on campuses, within communities, or nationally, recipients utilize their training in the language of the Quranic for positive impact.


  • Ready for up to 5 hrs/wk of online study (summer & fall starts available)

  • Meet criteria for 1 of 6 scholarship categories

  • Have graduated or enrolled in college

  • Demonstrate financial need


  • Full tuition for a Fawakih level
    (valued at $1300)

  • Renewal available for higher levels

Scholarship Categories


campus leader

Fawakih's curriculum has been taught on dozens of campuses across the US. Campus is a place for growth, change, and education. Fawakih aims to support chaplains, student leadership or professors.



Unfortunately, opportunities for women to thrive and grow are not available in many of our communities. Over the years, Fawakih has trained and hired dozens of female instructors. Fawakih aims to support the education and empowerment of women.



Organizing communities can require a high level of self sacrifice and time. Fawakih supports those working towards social justice by providing opportunities to invest in themselves while serving others.



Serving the community requires giving out from oneself. Often times, this is to the neglect of meeting one's need to grow. Fawakih aims to support those who are building communities through youth work, relief efforts, non-profit leadership, and in other ways.

New muslim

Often times, those who come to Islam do not find the adequate resources to continue their learning and transformation. Many new Muslims have found Fawakih to be a source of tools and inspiration to propel their journey.



Educators tirelessly give of themselves to students across the nation, finding little time to continue their professional development. Fawakih aims to support those teaching the next generation of Americans in the K-12 arena or throughout higher education.

Scholarship Application - 2018

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Indicate which scholarship you are applying for.
For example, if you selected "campus leader" above, how would receiving this scholarship enable you to have more impact on campus?
If you are not chosen for the specific scholarship category you selected, are there other categories you may be eligible for?
What attempts have you made to study Arabic previously? Were you successful? If so, expound upon what you accomplished. If not, explain any barriers that you faced.
Availability *
What semesters are you available for to study Arabic online (up to 5 hrs/week)? (Select all that apply)
Enter this information for yourself. If a dependent, indicate annual income of whoever claims you. Applicant may be asked for proof of income.
List any employer that you currently work for. If you are in school, indicate the school, year and course of study. If you are not employed, please indicate.
Please list any other organizations that you volunteer your time or expertise to as well as an estimated number of hours per week you give, e.g. "Local Food Bank, 5hrs/wk"
Please list three references (Full Name, Phone #, Email) who can speak to your work ethic, education, and community involvement (if applicable).
By signing your name below, you agree to uphold Fawakih's policies if selected, and that all information presented above is up to date and accurate.



Applicants are not required to have a specific level of Arabic proficiency, though ability to read the Quran is strongly recommended. Scholarship recipients will be placed in optimal levels after taking placement test(s).


Fawakih may request additional information from the applicant, including supporting documents and personal information needed for a background check, which Fawakih holds the right to run.


Scholarship funds are allocated solely towards Fawakih tuition. There is no transfer of money from Fawakih to the scholarship recipient.

Materials cost are not included in the scholarship. Recipients are required to purchase their materials (approximately $50/semester + shipping).