I loved my studies with Fawakih because the program has teachers that are qualified and dedicated, management that is supportive and encouraging, and materials that are easy to use and understand. I especially loved how the program was a "2 in 1" deal , since not only were we taught Arabic, but we also learned Hadith, ayahs from the Qur'an, and lessons from the lives of the sahabah in the process. I would give it 5 stars and totally recommend it to anyone who wants to increase in knowledge!


“I'm extremely grateful for having the opportunity to take classes with Fawakih. Because of these courses, my ability to understand the Qur'an has improved so much and is steadily improving with each class I take. I feel confident that by the completion of this program I will be able to understand majority of what I read in the Qur'an inshaAllah”


“I completed most of the first semester right before Ramadan. This was the first time I truly felt that I could begin to understand and benefit from listening to the Quran during taraweeh.”


“Alhamdulillah Fawakih courses so far have been really helpful for making my connection with Quran stronger. I used to read Quran but didn't feel any connection or much joy reading it since I didn't understand much of it. However now when I read it, I enjoy it and know lot of grammar rules (may be my weakest point) , vocabulary, the haraka placement and why its there. I will recommend Fawakih courses to anybody who wants to learn Arabic language to further their connection with Quran Kareem.”

ALIA A. LONDON on 5/26/19:

“I think the teachers and resources are fantastic. I learnt another semitic language at university until intermediate level, and I can say that Fawakih meets very high standards. I love that the teachers are highly accessible on the whatsapp group. They give very thorough answers and are all very encouraging. Thank you for your service to the ummah. It's Ramadan and I'm making duaa for your continued success!”

Saulat P., VIRGINIA ON 5/19/2019:

“I really liked the systematic manner in which the course was organized, both in terms of topics per lesson and the flow in between as well as the quizzes and exam that forced me to review and refine my knowledge of the concepts. The latter definitely helped with retention!”

ArSALAN I., VIRGINIA ON 5/12/2019:

“Alhumdulillah, Fawakih's Level 1A class unlocked my path to finally beginning to understand Quran Arabic. Being an Urdu-speaker who only knew how to read and write Arabic, I appreciated how the combination of excellent live instructors, traditional materials, and modern technology all came together nicely to create an effective and flexible platform that allowed me to learn at a reasonable pace. I fully intend to continue my journey of learning with Fawakih and recommend this class to anyone.”

Azureen s, MALAYSIA On 5/12/2019:

“I have done few online arabic learning course and Alhamdulillah Fawakih is the best.”

RUTH M, VIRGINIA ON 5/11/2019:

“I have been studying Arabic on and off since 2015 from college courses and a study abroad program, but I always felt that I was lacking the basics, and the bases of the language. Unfortunately, at the university level my first arabic words learned were things like conflict, politics and war; with Fawakih I learned more beautiful words like God, mercy, and peace. I wish to have known Fawakih before; I felt that I could have achieved more proficiency in my Arabic language.”

Shazia L., Massachusetts on 5/5/2019:

“I love this class! It is taught in a highly organized manner with very knowledgeable and personable teachers.”

Alysha K., Illinois ON 5/4/2019:

“It's been so amazing to be reading my Quran and start recognizing words and being able to occasionally piece together sentences after only a couple of months. It's like I'm rediscovering the Quran every day and I can't wait to keep learning more.”