Fawakih, the premiere Quranic Arabic teaching institution in the US, is offering the Quranic Arabic Challenge. MIST NY has taken up the challenge and has launched a course in partnership with Fawakih.

The MIST theme for 2018 is "The Valor of Mercy." Did you know the Arabic word for Mercy الرحمة (al-Raḥma) is connected to the word for womb (الرحم)? This establishes the connection between mercy and mothers, also connecting the source of mercy and the source of life!

Through this year-long live weekly online course, not only will you learn Arabic gems in the Quran, but will get the tools to dive into the beauty of the Arabic language. As the saying goes: "Give someone fish and they'll have fish for a day, teach someone to fish and they'll have fish for a lifetime!" In one year, your ability to directly connect with the Quran, without a translation, will be transformed.

Fawakih & MIST Quranic Arabic


learn from home

All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Classes are live and interactive, with students being able to speak directly to the instructor and fellow students.



Take advantage of a virtual classroom with answer keys, class recordings, quizzes to track progress, and live instructor support when you need it most.



Meet your learning cohort through study sessions and social gatherings, in addition to learning seminars with visiting Fawakih instructors.